Welcome to my website, "The Word Nerd!" So what does a "Word Nerd" have on her website? As it turns out it is a bit eclectic, like yours truly.
I have been a writer all of my life, and I have been a book indexer for the past ten years. If you are interested in hiring me for either one of these services, please click on the "Services" link, and learn more about how I may help you.
I am a full time faculty member in the English Department of Grand Canyon University (Go, 'Lopes!). If I am your professor, and you want to access some helpful sources for your English course, please click on the "Student Spot" link on this page.And if you simply want to look around because you are a fellow "word nerd," be my guest! Check out my blog by clicking on that link. Feel free to contact me by sending me a message on the "Contact" page. Introduce yourself ...nerds are often misunderstood, but very friendly.

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I have many years of scholarly research experience and have recently earned my first scholarly engagement grant for research on plagiarism.

I have written and/or cowritten peer reviewed articles for academic journals. I am also the author of two chapters for English texbooks, a trade book, and numerous lifestyle articles.

I'm a full time faculty member and English content lead at Grand Canyon University. I teach both online and f2f classes.



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Stephanie Maher Palenque

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